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What swaddles are needed for a newborn baby.

In anticipation of the birth of the baby, the parents seemed to have bought everything they needed, from a crib, stroller, clothes and toys. But some modern mothers don’t want to buy swaddles, because the stores are full of cute suits, bodysuits and sundresses that you can wear to a newborn. In addition, there are constant debates about the need to swaddle a child at all. Many psychologists are sure that swaddling deprives the child of comfort and even negatively affects the development of skills. However, most doctors advise swaddling a child in the first months of his life. The fact is that the newborn does not know how to coordinate his movements, he randomly moves his arms and legs and can wake himself up or scratch himself. Therefore, many young mothers prefer to use swaddles. But not all young parents know which swaddles to buy for a newborn, so let's figure it out.

What swaddles are needed for a newborn baby - Happy Babbie

Manufacturers offer a huge range of baby swaddles, ranging from classic calico and flannel swaddles, trendy microfiber disposable swaddles, cocoon swaddles, and waterproof to knitted novelties. In order to buy the "right" swaddles, it is necessary to pay attention to the relevant criteria. First of all, you need to pay attention to the material of the swaddle, it should be: Natural; Moisture-proof (well-absorbing moisture that does not allow the emergence of a "greenhouse effect"); Soft; Heat-saving (excluding cooling or overheating of the baby); Qualitative; Durable; With well-finished edges; No seams or embellishments. It is better to choose swaddles a few months before childbirth. Buy one swaddle of each type and check if it meets the above criteria. If the swaddle passes the test, you can buy it. If not, then keep looking. A modern manufacturer offers a huge range of swaddles, from which the head will go around. In order to facilitate your choice, we have made a brief overview of swaddles that are suitable for a newborn. Swaddle material The material from which swaddles are sewn is the most important criterion. If earlier swaddles were sewn only from chintz and flannel, now the list of materials used has expanded significantly. Swaddles are made from fur, knitwear, coolers, microfiber, and cambric, you can list all the materials indefinitely. Therefore, when buying swaddles, be guided by the properties of the material and the season, in order to avoid hypothermia or overheating of the newborn. Let's deal with the material: Chintz. Soft, thin cotton swaddles are perfect for the warm season. The advantage of cotton swaddles is their inexpensive cost and the possibility of using them as a sheet or towel; Flannel. Soft, warm flannel swaddles will perfectly cope with the absorption of moisture, retain heat, relieve the "greenhouse effect", allowing the baby's skin to breathe freely. Swaddles are useful in the cold period, they can replace a blanket on a hot summer day or wrap the baby after water procedures; Knitwear. Knitted swaddles appeared quite recently, but have already managed to win the recognition of mothers. Practical, soft, pleasant to the touch swaddles, suitable for use at any time of the year. If it is cold, such a swaddle is placed under the flannel, if it is warm enough alone. The main advantage of knitted swaddles is their plasticity. The swaddle stretches perfectly, taking the shape of the baby's body, and allows him to move his legs and arms; Kulirka. Swaddles made from cooler (a little-known natural material made from cotton) are highly stretchable and hypoallergenic. These swaddles are ideal for use in hot summer weather; Batiste. Batiste swaddles are ideal for summer time. They are light and breathable, which will protect the baby's skin from diaper rash and irritation. The only disadvantage of such swaddles is not a long service life, they will not withstand numerous washings; Fur. Fur swaddles will perfectly replace your baby's outerwear, an envelope, or a blanket for walking in the cold season. When buying a fur swaddle, pay attention to the presence of a certificate of wool quality; Microfiber. Microfiber is an organic raw material that is used to make disposable swaddles. Microfiber swaddles are very popular due to their versatility and practicality in use. With such swaddles you can cover any surface, they will be useful for going to the hospital or at a party. After use, the swaddle is simply thrown away, it is this quality that young mothers like. But these swaddles have several significant drawbacks: Price (swaddles are quite expensive); According to hygiene standards, they are inferior to swaddles made from natural fabrics; The composition contains synthetics; Not suitable for permanent use. We talked about the material, let's move on to the models.

The following modern swaddles models are very popular: Swaddle-cocoon. This model is attractive because inexperienced mothers do not need to learn how to swaddle. Put the baby on a swaddle, tighten the velcro or zip up, and you're done. Another advantage of this model is the huge variety of fabrics from which they are made. swaddles are sewn from chintz, flannel, muslin, cambric and other materials. The only disadvantage of such swaddles is that they can be used until the baby is 6 months old; Waterproof swaddles. Functional, practical waterproof swaddles are good because they can be used repeatedly. One side of the swaddle is made of terry cloth, and the other side is made of oilcloth, in addition, the presence of anti-allergic and antibacterial impregnation ensures the safety of the baby. We tried to talk about the most practical and functional models of swaddles, perhaps you will choose them. In the meantime, let's decide how many swaddles to buy. Number of swaddles It will be enough to take: Flannel - 6 pieces; Calico - 6 pieces; Knitted - 6 pieces; Diapers - cocoons - 3 pcs.; Disposable - 10 pcs. on the extract, if necessary, you can buy. This, of course, is the conditional number of swaddles that a newborn will need. It depends only on the decision of the parents, especially since there is always the opportunity to buy the required amount. If parents are opposed to swaddling, they can only buy disposable swaddles to use as bedding. Swaddles size Manufacturers offer swaddles in a variety of sizes. The question is, what size swaddle is best for a newborn baby. The choice of swaddle size is up to you, but you need to remember that newborns grow very quickly, so the following swaddle sizes are most relevant: The smallest one is 40x40 cm; Medium - from 70x70 cm to 90x120 cm; Large 120x120 cm. The size of the swaddle-cocoon depends on the growth of the baby and his age, therefore, models are produced for a newborn from 0 to 3 months and from 3 months to 6. Finally, a few tips from experienced moms: Swaddles need to be bought only in specialized stores; Be sure to focus on the season; Choose only delicate colors (too bright products may contain harmful dyes). In order to be able to fully concentrate on your baby after childbirth, try to purchase swaddles in advance.


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