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For a restful sleep and a good evening mood of the child, various little things are important. This is a bedtime story, a warm bath with fragrant foam, the softness of terry textiles - a dressing gown and children's towels, their attractiveness, the brightness of colors and patterns on the fabric that kids will like.

How to choose the right towels for kids?

Having a towel is a fundamental aspect of personal hygiene, and it's something that is needed right from the start of a child's life. Today, the market offers a wide range of options when it comes to choosing baby towels, making it difficult to find the perfect one. To make the selection process easier, let's take a closer look at what to consider when choosing towels for kids.

Factors to consider when choosing towels for kids:

Material: The most popular choice for baby towels is cotton. However, bamboo fiber towels are also gaining popularity. These natural materials are gentle on a child's skin and do not cause any allergies.
Texture: Towels made from terry fabric with a pile length between 4 – 6 mm are ideal for kids. This provides maximum absorbency and a soft, gentle feel to the touch. Double-sided terry towels are considered the best option.
Dye quality: The towels should not shed or fade after the first wash. The print should be clear and not blurred, which is an indication of the low-quality paint used in the production.
Design: Kids love colorful and vibrant products, so look for towels in bright, saturated colors. The design should be chosen based on the child's age and preferences.
Shape and size: Baby towels come in different shapes, such as corner towels, poncho towels, rectangular, square, and round towels. When choosing the size, consider the child's height and the intended use of the towel (e.g., for the face or body). Common baby towel sizes in the US include 100x145, 100x100, 60x130, 50x100, 50x90, 35x70, 30x50, and 30x30 cm.

Towels for newborns:

Towels for newborns:
When choosing towels for a newborn, it is essential to look for towels made from at least 96% organic cotton. The best option is a corner towel with a hood that can be used to wrap the baby completely.

Towels for preschoolers:

Preschoolers, aged 2-5, are at an age where they form opinions about personal hygiene, so it's important to teach them to use different types of towels on their own. They will need:
2-3 face towels;
2-3 hand towels;
2-3 foot towels;
3-4 small towels for intimate hygiene;
2 bath towels;
2 beach or pool towels.
Towels for everyday use should be bright, with attractive patterns and small in size . Featuring beloved fairy tale characters will make daily hygiene routines a fun experience.

Bath towels for preschoolers should be the right size for their height. You can opt for a hooded corner towel (100x100 size), or choose a soft towel featuring cartoon characters. For the beach, a towel with a soft terry side and a brightly patterned velour side is perfect. A poncho towel with a hood is also a great option for the beach, as it provides protection from the sun and wind while covering the child's shoulders and head.

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