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Choosing a sleeping bag for a newborn baby

Even before the birth of the long-awaited baby, parents begin to think about what they need to buy. Crib, stroller, bedding, pacifier, bottle... The list is very long. And today in our article we will talk about such an accessory as a sleeping bag, which can be attributed to children's clothing and bed linen.We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to manage your blog from anywhere. In this blog post we’ll share the ways you can post to your Wix Blog.

Choosing a sleeping bag for a newborn baby - Happy Babbie

A newborn is very active during sleep. Moving his legs and arms, he opens up or throws off his blanket. And in this case, a sleeping bag comes to the aid of parents. Sleeping bag benefits In a sleeping bag, the baby will not open up in a dream and will not freeze. If you feed your baby at night, then when you get him out of a warm bed, the baby, being in a sleeping bag, will feel comfortable without feeling the temperature difference. The sleeping bag gives the baby the feeling of being in his mother's arms, and at the same time the bag does not hinder the movement of the child. The sleeping bag does not interfere with free breathing. It is convenient to take a sleeping bag with you on the road instead of bulky and hanging blankets.

Sleeping bag cons Sleeping bags (depending on the model) do not always have easy access to the baby to change the diaper. To change a diaper, sometimes you have to fully open the bag. And sometimes this process can lead to the fact that the baby can “walk around” and you have to cradle him again so that he falls asleep. How to choose a sleeping bag? When buying a sleeping bag, we recommend paying attention to some details. Size The size is chosen based on the height and age of the baby. It is not recommended to buy a product "for growth". The length of the sleeping bag is 10-15 cm longer than the height of the child. Neck The gap between the neck and the neck of the baby should be approximately 1.5 cm. The neck should not fit snugly against the chest. Sleeves The presence of this part depends on the model of the sleeping bag. If there are sleeves, make sure that they are wide enough not to constrain the baby. Clasps Most sleeping bags use a central zipper for quick and easy access to your baby. Reversible zipper for easy diaper changes. The neck is most often fastened with rivets located on the shoulders. Material A sleeping bag, regardless of its design, must be made of environmentally friendly, natural fabrics that do not irritate the delicate skin of the child. The material should be breathable and easy to wash if dirty. Our sleeping bags Our sleeping bags will replace your baby's blanket and provide extra comfort during sleep. Sleeping bags can be used in the cradle, crib, or stroller at any time of the day: day or night. Made from natural fabrics, our sleeping bags will not irritate a baby's delicate skin. Sleeping bags do not have sleeves, and the reversible zipper ensures the convenience of changing the diaper. All sleeping bags are reversible: change the design with ease and choose the color that your baby likes best. The high-quality cotton fabric is easily washed in case of soiling and even after repeated washes retains its original appearance for a long time. You can buy cheap sleeping bags from us in any color scheme that suits both boys and girls.


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